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About Morris Chiropractic

Mentor Chiropractors Drs. Misty and Brian Morris

Drs. Misty and Brian Morris

A Healthier Community

In 2001, Morris Chiropractic opened with a heart and vision to help the community.

Led by Drs. Brian and Misty Morris, the dynamic team enjoys helping Mentor through chiropractic care, nutrition and more.

Their goal is to help as many people as they can by helping families discover wellness.

A Healthier Spine Means a Healthier You

Chiropractic care is very unique because it goes beyond pain and focuses on wellness. With a healthier spine and nervous system, your entire system functions better. A healthy nervous system helps you feel better, have more energy and sleep better.

Chiropractic care affects everything, increasing your bodies ability to adapt to stress. Through care, we enjoy helping those who are dedicated to their health and truly value wellness. Through a variety of services, we commonly help middle-age adults discover relief from the following:

Building a Stronger Community

In addition to the quality chiropractic care we offer, Dr. Misty is a motivational wellness expert, nutritionist and consultant taking wellness beyond the walls of Morris Chiropractic. As an accomplished speaker, she encourages healthier living through her wellness workshops for various groups in the area. Discussing diet, exercise, energy levels and more, she enjoys sharing health and wellness tips with the community.

A Welcoming Team Awaits

When you visit Morris Chiropractic, our friendly staff will greet you and make sure you feel right at home. As a team, we’ll work together to get you the care you want while you achieve your health goals. Our chiropractors enjoy being a health resource to patients like you and invite you to experience healing for yourself.

We’ll provide our home number and cell numbers in case you ever need us. We’re always accessible! Come enjoy care in our office and begin a healthier life today.

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