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Meet Dr. Misty Morris

Mentor Chiropractor Dr. Misty Morris

Dr. Misty Morris

A Life Dedicated to Healing

Dr. Misty grew up in the chiropractic culture, seeing people heal and be helped through care. “People come into a chiropractic office in pain and leave feeling so much better.”

Knowing that she’d always wanted to help people, she enrolled in Life University in Atlanta, Georgia. She took the exellerated path and graduated as a chiropractor with her Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition. Certified in the Webster Technique. Dr. Misty returned to Mentor and now enjoys practicing alongside her husband, Dr. Brian, practicing whole family chiropractic care since 1997.

A Mission to Help You

While studying nutrition in college, she started making changes in her diet and noticed a difference in her health. This experience solidified her passion and belief in the importance of nutrition. She specializes in food-based nutrition, detoxification and advanced spinal correction. Dr. Misty is passionate about saving lives by motivating people to change their life by improving their health.

Dr. Misty stays busy as a Girl Scout Leader and enjoys reading and exercising. She spends a lot of time with her family outdoors four-wheeling, skiing and spending time at the beach.

Motivational Speaking and Outreach

Dr. Misty is a motivational wellness speaker and is just as passionate about what she does as she is sharing it with others. Join her in one or more of the following fun, dynamic, educational programs and enhance the lives of those around you.

  • Employee “Lunch and Learn” programs
  • Church wellness programs
  • Stress management
  • Children’s wellness /nutrition programs
  • Weight loss

Give Morris Chiropractic a call today to set up a time to meet Dr. Misty or have her speak to your peers! (440) 639-9171

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