Chiropractic Testimonials

"What a wonderful experience.The quality of care taken on my first visit was excellent. The office staff was so courteous and efficient. I did not have to wait long. Information was to my level of understanding. Thank you so much for your care and concern, Dr. Brian Morris! I will be suggesting Morris Chiropractic to my friends."

- G.A.

"Your office is the most friendly, efficient and knowledgeable place of business that I have ever dealt with. I came away with an understanding of why I was in pain and what the plan was to get me feeling good again. I already feel better after just 2 visits. I have already recommended Morris Chiropractic to my son-in-law and my son."

- J.M.

"I met Dr. Scott at the Painesville Farmer’s Market. We talked briefly. He explained what he thought my situation was with my back and shoulder. The second time he was there, I made an appointment and am now a patient."

- N.D.

"I am so grateful for your help, my pain is almost gone. Just a few sore muscles from being so out of place. Thank you again for the care I received."

- A. T.

"Looking Forward To A Pain Free Body And Optimum Health
I’ve been to chiropractors in the past and was satisfied with the care I received. However, Dr. Misty uses a variety of techniques along with the adjustment to make it more effective. Using my X-rays, to put together a comprehensive treatment plan specific to my pain is how I feel Morris Chiropractic differs from other chiropractors I have been too. I look forward to a pain-free body and optimum health."

- K.P.

"Dr. Misty Morris recently conducted a nutrition session for Pathways employees during our lunch hour. She conducted a very informative session that included nutritional items to pay particular attention to, as well as what to drink to keep healthy. The session was timed appropriately for the audience, and I feel it was very helpful. Our employees got a lot out of the session, and I have found I enjoy green tea as much as coffee. I drink two to three cups daily."

- Donald

"Marissa has to be one of the nicest girls I have ever met. Everyone there is nice but my first experience was with Marissa and it was a genuine, sincere customer service experience. I imagine most customers would love to steal her for their own company."

- J.K.

"I was greeted with big smiles from the two girls working behind the front desk. I liked how everyone there seemed liked they enjoyed their jobs. Everything looked clean, that’s real important to me. After talking to the doctor, I do believe they will be able to do their best to help me. Their understanding of the nervous system. and how it relates to over all health is key."

- S.O.

“I’ve been to a doctor who is a DO who manipulated my spine and neck. It helped for a few days and the problems returned. I have been to physical therapy which was a minor fix for the problem. I have been on muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory medications.

I was tired of everything masking the physical aches, pain and stiffness and the real problem. A co-worker told me about Doc Brian and Doc Misty and they have been a God send. I walked into their office tired and full of negativity like Eeore from Winnie the Pooh. We have done full body X-rays and located the problem.

I now have quite a bit of energy and I am not in discomfort. I’m bouncy, bouncy, bouncy like Tigger!!!! Doc Misty is helping me to eat healthy and lose weight. So far I have lost about 20 pounds. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I love your office staff. They are so nice, friendly and motivating. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! Sorry this took so long. Better late than never.”

- S.C.

“When I came in I was experiencing severe neck and back pain combined with constant headaches, as well as shoulder and leg pain. Since starting with Chiropractic care I have experienced an incredible improvement in my mobility. My neck and back feel 100% better allowing me to finally get a good nights sleep. My headaches have stopped and I found my allergies are greatly reduced. It is nice to be able to play with my kids again.”

- T.B.

“I experienced constant pain in my right shoulder and arm as a result of a pinched nerve in my neck. Apparently I have had a neck injury in the past which has caused a narrowing of disc space involving C4, C5, and C6. I could not sleep due to the pain, and I was experiencing difficulties performing my job as a fire fighter. I’ve tried hydrocodone, naproxen, and cyclobenzaprine. The pain meds only dulled the pain and caused an upset stomach and fatigue.

I’ve tried physical therapy, traction, TENS, and ultrasound therapies. The therapies diminished the pain temporarily, but never totally removed it. I was told that surgery was likely the treatment that I would need. Within two weeks of starting Chiropractic care I started to feel some relief. Within 6 weeks my arm and shoulder were pain free. I have gained significant flexibility in my neck and spine in general.

Chiropractic Care is not a course of treatment that I had ever considered. I am thankful for finding this alternative to surgery. Having a restful and pain free night of sleep is priceless.”

“After Dr. Misty helped me get on the right supplements and exercise program, I have had an incredible amount of energy. To date I`ve lost 65 pounds and haven`t been on an antibiotic for ten months and counting. That`s a record!”

- A.T.

"Thank you for your wonderful presentation to the Lake Kidz Biz group. You have a refreshing positive energy about you."

- Trisha

"All was excellent!!!"

- Kara A.

"Everyone seems very friendly and professional. I am looking forward to the results of my tests/x-rays and seeing what can be done to improve my health."

- Karen M.

"I would like to thank you again for arranging Dr. Misty Morris to speak at our February Lake Kidz Biz meeting. Her presentation was wonderful and enthusiasm, outstanding! All the extra touches were truly enjoyed."

- Pat

"On behalf of the Convoy of Hope and the Lake County General Health District I would like to personally thank you for your generous support of the event and the provision of health and medical services. Your professionalism, expertise, and hard work allowed our Health and Medical Services unit to provide over 1,000 individual health services to the over 4,600 guests in attendance."

- Ron

"The whole staff was energetic and positive, which is important, especially when you’re in pain!!"

- Joe C.

"Thank you for the great service."

- Scott T.

"Answered all my questions."

- Kathy C.

"Great attitude. Very helpful. I was taken care of very quickly."

- Jeffry H.

"You are all a wonderful group! Such energy and true concern for the well-being of your patient."

- Tracy


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