What to Expect

What to Expect Outreach Painesville OH

Welcome to Morris Chiropractic in Painesville. When you come through our front door, you will be greeted by name and welcomed as a part of our family!

As a patient here, we’ll work with you to find out what your needs are. If we think we can help, we’ll do everything we can to help you heal. If we believe someone else can help you heal better, we will gladly refer you. Why? Our sole purpose is to serve you.

Your First Visit

Are you ready to get started? We encourage you to save 15 minutes by completing your paperwork in the convenience of your home and bringing it with you when you come. In a consultation, we’ll discuss what brought you in and if we believe we can help. If we can, we’ll do an examination and take digital X-rays to find the underlying cause of your health complaint.

Please expect this visit to last around 30 minutes.

Your Second Visit

When you return for your next visit, we’ll discuss our report of findings that covers what we unveiled in your examination and X-rays. We’ll talk to you about where your health is and if chiropractic care can help. If so, we’ll provide our care plan recommendation and discuss the most cost-effective way for you to heal.

This visit should last around 30 minutes. As we are mindful of your time, an average visit is under 15 minutes.

Care That Lasts Forever?

Once you begin care, you can decide how often you’d like to return. We’re always here for you if you need us. There is no pressure. Most of our patients visit because of how great they feel, and we hope you do too.

Patient Education

We are passionate about educating our patients about health and wellness topics. Once a month, we offer a “Half Hour to Health” workshop and a “Dinner with the Doctor” new patient orientation.

Are you ready to get started? Give our team a call and let us help you feel better.


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